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Land Use and Zoning
The attorneys at the Kendrick Law Group have the knowledge and experience to guide development projects through a variety of phases including securing entitlements, concurrency, impact fees, mobility fees and permitting.

We represent both public and private clients including landowners, various types of developers (commercial, industrial, residential and mixed-use), builders, government organizations and utility corporations. Our attorneys are skilled in identifying, formulating and acquiring the essential permits for land-use and zoning, certificates of appropriateness, modifications, administrative deviations, exceptions and variances.

The Kendrick Law Group is adept at negotiating with government agencies regarding land development and environmental regulations. Contact us today for more information.

Homeowner Association Law and Liens

Our attorneys provide full-service representation for homeowner associations, condominium associations, civil associations, commercial associations and developers.
We provide all facets of community association representation including assessment and fine collections; placement of liens; covenant enforcement; drafting of declarations, bylaws and articles of incorporation and their amendments; labor and employment litigation; and administration and supervisor of elections meetings.

The Kendrick Law Group is also experienced in handling:

Association disputes
Collection of unpaid assessments and fees
Lien assessments
Community association administration
Construction defects
Declaration, bylaws, articles of incorporation preparation, interpretation and amendment
Employment issues
HOA and Condo Association foreclosure
Litigation, arbitration and mediation
The Marketable Record Title Act
Resolution of Title issues
Transitioning development from developer

Contact us today for more information regarding our ability to handle homeowner association or condominium association issues.

Eminent Domain

As a homeowner or commercial property owner, you have legal rights to protect your property from the state of Florida or other government entity that attempts to take your land or prohibit you from using your land in a way that makes it valueless. This are of law comprises strict regulations to ensure that in order for an arm of government to claim your property under the theory of eminent domain, the government must prove the need for the condemned property is justified. As a result, the government must deliver full compensation to the owner of the property.

Florida is leading the way in lawful protections of private property owners from unlawful takings by the government under eminent domain. Florida law ensures that private property shall not be transferred to another private entity owner via eminent domain, with the exception of utility companies and toll roads.

If a government entity has contacted you regarding the taking of your private property, contact the experienced attorneys at the Kendrick Law Group to represent you to ensure you receive full compensation.