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You deserve to own your creations.
If you own a business, are starting a business or create intellectual property, you can legally protect your intellectual property assets. We can assist you in creating, protecting, optimizing, and exploiting your intellectual property assets. Our intellectual property practice area includes copyrights, trademark, service marks, trade names, trade secrets, and intellectual property licensing.

Trademark, Service Marks, and Trade Names
Oscar Wilde once said, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” That may be true, but in the case of a trademark, service mark, or trade name, imitation can have a negative economic impact on an active business. Trademarks and trade names directly identify a company to the public as the source of a particular product or service. In addition, trademarks represent the reputation and good will associated with a company.
Trademarks and trade names are valuable company assets and the value attached to them can be protected from others using confusingly similar marks. Protection comes primarily by securing registration of the name, logos, symbols, and other designs related to the business. Our qualified attorneys offer legal counsel and services to assist and navigate you in clearing, registering, protecting, exploiting, and enforcing your trademarks and trade names:
Trademark clearance searches
Trademark applications preparation and filing for registration (state, federal, international)
Trademark licensing
Domain name registration


“Original works of authorship” are protected under the United States Constitution. Copyright rights begin the instant an author turns thoughts and ideas into a “tangible medium of expression” such as: music, a book or other writing, a picture, a painting, a drawing, a movie, a video, software, a blueprint, a website, architectural blueprints, or choreography. Although copyrights begin the moment the work of authorship is put into tangible form, registration is required to bring an infringement suit in court. At the Kendrick Law Group, we offer legal counsel and services to assist and navigate you in creating, registering, protecting, exploiting, and enforcing your copyrights.
Copyright applications for registration
Work-for-hire agreements
Copyright licensing


Intellectual property licensing is an opportunity to exploit and make a profit from the rights you own in your intellectual property. We offer legal counsel and services in reviewing, drafting and negotiating licensing agreements for existing intellectual property as well as acquisition of the intellectual property rights of others through licensing.

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