Don focuses on Probate and Civil Litigation. Don was a career enlisted aviator in both the Navy and Air Force. Don is an attorney that was shaped by hard-work, the places he has been, and the people he has met.
Don’s military experiences brought him from the Navy to the Air Force; from the ice of Greenland to the hot springs of Iceland; from the brown deserts and mountains of Afghanistan to the white deserts and mountains of Antarctica; from chasing Russian submarines to supporting Russian scientists; from the destruction of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina to meeting Governor Senators, Congressmen and the President. Don is a veteran of Desert Storm and Operation Enduring Freedom.
During his 29-year military career, Don earned an A.S. in Aviation Operations, a B.S. in Organizational Management, an M.B.A. in Accounting. After retiring as an Air Force Chief Master Sergeant (E9), Don completed his Juris Doctorate at Barry University Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law.
Don serves on the Board of Directors for the Florida Association of Veteran Owned Businesses.  Outside the office, Don likes to spend his free time with his family, especially his precious grandkids. When not playing with his grandkids, he enjoys hiking, riding his motorcycle and playing bagpipes. Something special that Don was able to experience was on Saint Patrick’s Day in 2011 when he had the honor of playing at the Capital and White House with the Air Force Reserve Pipe Band.


Making a Difference in our community

Board of Directors

Past Chairman

Mayor's Veterans

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Bagpiper, Secretary


“Don Morrell is very skillful in managing difficult situations.  He is also tactful in dealing with difficult clients and counsel.  These traits are so important to me and I would not hesitate to hire him again."


"My experience with Don was great.  The team was easy to work with and responded quickly to any questions I had.  They were honest and informative about what to expect."



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"Nothing evokes a more visceral response and affects me more than witnessing someone
being taken advantage of. I’ve worked in both the corporate and military sectors, and have
been privy to numerous family issues over the years that have exposed inequities in how some people and families are treated by lawyers and/or big firms. I have modeled my probate practice as an extension of my military career, coupled with the zeal to help others at a time of great need. It affords me the opportunity to help others through a difficult time and bring closure to the death of a loved one by aiding them in the difficult task of wealth distribution without getting lost in the legal morass common to these issues."