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The Healthcare industry can be a maze of confusing rules and regulations, making it hard to understand your rights. We are here to help.

Employment Contracts and Non-Compete Agreements

We draft and review physician recruitment agreements that help hospitals and physicians develop productive relationships that are in compliance with Stark, fraud and abuse prohibitions, and Anti-Kickback Statutes. We negotiate, create and assess relationships ranging from Independent Contractor and Locum Tenes arrangements to Medical Director and Academic arrangements. We can also advise you on the impact of compensation agreements, noncompetition covenants, confidentiality agreements and non-solicitation agreements. We have experience in establishing unique compensation plans, buy-in arrangements, bonus structures, exit strategies and buyout formulas.

Marketing Arrangements

Our experienced attorneys can assist in review of marketing agreements between sales representatives and healthcare employers. Federal and state fraud and abuse laws carry heavy civil and criminal penalties for individuals and employers that use improper methods to obtain patients. Therefore, it is important that both sales representatives and healthcare employers ensure that their marketing agreements and employed marketing tactics do not violate fraud and abuse laws.


Regulatory Issues

We work with providers and practices to ensure compliance with the many state and federal laws and regulations, including HIPAA, HITECH, CMS regulations, fraud and abuse laws, DEA and FDA regulations.

Business Issues

The Kendrick Law Group helps healthcare providers navigate a number of business issues in the current healthcare environment including:

Decreasing governmental and private rates of reimbursement

Managed care contracting and contract enforcement

Competition for delivery of ancillary services

Physician-hospital joint ventures

Practice expansion opportunities

Incentive compensation arrangements

Buy-in and buy-out arrangements

Noncompetition agreements

Exclusive contracts

Affordable medical malpractice insurance

Billing, coding and claims denial problems

Staff privilege issues

To learn more about how our qualified attorneys can help you in the area of healthcare law, please contact us.